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General Terms and Conditions of Business of LectureClips.com // LectureClips.com

General Terms and Conditions of Business of LectureClips.com


Our General Terms and Conditions of Business regulate the relationship between you (“you”, “your”)  and LectureClips.com (“we”, “our”, “us”) .

The access and utility of the websites, resources, services and contents of LectureClips.com are subject to the following terms and conditions.

By accessing and using our services you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions.

The utility of our services is permitted solely under these conditions. The used terms apply to men and women alike.


§1 Validity and definitions of terms

“User” in the meaning of these conditions is any person who uses the services provided on the website www.lectureclips.com.

“Subscription” in the meaning of these conditions is any person who legally acquired a LectureClips.com subscription, for as long as it is valid.


§2 Object of use, usage description

LectureClips.com provides a series of online tutoring resources for independent studying, especially videos, which are partly free of charge, partly charged.


§3 Terms of Service, registration

In order to use our services, users have to register themselves. During the course of the registration they have to provide certain data, which allows us to process their registration. This data is object to the content of our privacy policy. During the course of the registration or afterwards, users have the opportunity to buy subscriptions with different durations. As payment methods there are several secure online payment methods available as well as “PayPal” and “Immediate Transfer”.

Depending on which subscription the User is buying, he receives access to all contents in his language for one, four or six months. After expiration of the subscription (one month is considered to be 31 days) the access decays. In order to regain access, the user has to acquire a new subscription; the user account however is obtained.


§4 User Obligations, Copyrights

Users and Subscribers are obligated to use our Website, respectively the provided services according to these conditions of use.

As long as no existing higher-ranking individual agreements state otherwise, our services are solely provided for individual, non-commercial use. Any violation of this is illegal and will we prosecuted accordingly.

Except for higher-ranking individual agreements, it is not allowed to change, distribute, forward, multiply, publish or license any of the information, software, products, data et cetera or to generate and adaptation, or sell it.

In addition, every utilization of our services, contents or parts of them not approved by the Austrian copyright law, even if generated by users, requires our preceding written permission! This is especially true for the multiplication, publication, adaptation, translation, storage as well as rendition of contents in databases or other electronic or non-electronic media and systems.

It is expressively not permitted to download our videos in any way or to save and store them.

It is also not permitted to share and Account. Violations will be prosecuted.


§5 Misuse and Violation

You are obligated to refrain from any kind of misuse of our services as well as immediately reporting any misuse immediately to us. In addition you are obliged to use our services only in accordance to the terms of service.

We reserve the right to prohibit your utilization should you disregard these conditions or use our services in a way which makes us liable or which disturbs other users.


§6 About the Contents of our Website

Although we generally strive for correctness, completeness and up-to-date information and have taken proper care in compiling the contents of our websites, we can offer no guarantee for the information contained within. No representation is made or warranty given, either expressly or tacitly, for the completeness or correctness of the information on this website.

We also reserve the right to change or update, edit, add and delete parts of the website or the entire service and to stop the publication for a period of time as well as permanently without further notice or a declaration of reasons.

All services are non-binding and without commitment.


§7 External references and links

This website is connected to third party websites (“external links”). The respective providers are responsible for these websites. LectureClips.com has tested the third party contents of the external links at the time of the first connection for legal violations. At this time, legal violations have not been noticeable. We do not have any influence on the present and future design as well as on the contents of the linked pages. The setting up of external links and advertisements does not mean that the provider adopts the contents of the reference or link as his own. A constant supervision of external links without concrete evidence for legal abuses is not reasonable. With knowledge of violations, such external links will be deleted immediately.


§8 Provision of our Services and their Contents, Disclaimer of liability

These terms and conditions do not confer any (property) rights or claims to our services or their contents. They also do not give you the right to use the trademark, logo, domain name or other characteristics of LectureClips.com in any way.

Even though we are striving to offer excellent services, we cannot guarantee for our services or their contents. You are using our services and their contents in the current form at your own risk and without explicit or implicit guarantees. We are especially not guaranteeing academic success!

In addition we shall not be liable for damages of your computer system, loss or damage of data and other damages caused by your utilization of our services as well as their contents. We are to be indemnified and hold harmless from and against any liability.


§9 Validity

Should parts or individual phrases of these participation conditions be invalid, the remaining parts shall remain unaffected in their content and validity.

Should a provision of these general conditions of supply prove to be wholly or partly invalid, the parties to the contract shall jointly seek an arrangement having a legal and economic effect which will be as similar as possible to the valid provision.

The Laws of the Federal Republic of Austria shall apply with the exception of the conflict-of-law-rule, referral norms and oft the UN Sales Law.

Exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Vienna, Austria.

We reserve all rights which are not granted explicitly.


Date 04-07-2014