This is where you can find out more about the people behind…


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… main tutor and the one who came up with it all 

After collecting experience as a tutor at the Institute for Mechanics and Mechatronics of Vienna as well as giving private mechanics tutoring lessons, Jakob ́s vision was to make online tutoring affordable for everyone by using video streaming. He started a prototype project on YouTube and learned soon, that there is a high demand for top quality tutoring. This is how came to be.

Today, mainly because of his unique style of explaining, his fantastic on-tape voice and his function as sole mechanics tutor of as well as his position as Co-Owner and idea generator, Jakob plays a substantial role in’s developments.

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… designer and graphic artist 

As Engineer of Mechatronics/ Automation, Michael started his career as project manager in the field of major plant engineering and construction and decided after four years of unbearable office- and paperwork, to start anew as designer and graphic artist.

Today, besides, he is running a firm for graphic and web design, and as Co-Owner of he is responsible for the entire design and layout of the homepage as well as the graphic realization of Jakob’s ideas.

… Jakob is the one delivering the product and Michael the one who fixes it up, while both of them come up with the ideas.

… implementor and programmer 

Being an industrial engineer and a Master ́s student at the College of St.Pölten in “Media Management”, and having relevant working experience, Jasmin took notice of in early 2014 and applied for a job as a programmer after seeing our job posting.

Today Jasmin is much more than that. He is the “allrounder”, who realizes Jakob and Michaels ́ every idea, no matter how eccentric it may be. His areas of responsibility and competences range much further than just programming. He coordinates and runs the entire technical realization of the web page. So if you have any troubles with the page, it is safe to assume that he’s to blame!

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… mascot and wild card 

The LectureClipsare was created by Michael in late 2013. It is based on Jakob ́s idea of creating a clip which explains what the page is about. For this purpose, we needed an imaginary character for the front page-clip. LecturClipsare was born.

Today LectureClipsare is much more than just a character in a clip on the cover page of a website. You will meet our mascot frequently, because apart from its main goal to get you to upload your default photo to stop having to see him all the time, he also appears everywhere where we don’t have a clue how to occupy the empty space. Just like here!