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LectureClips doesn´t repeat those same old explanations which you didn´t get when you heard them the first time….
We explain things so that absolutely everyone is able to follow, requiring only a minimum of basic knowledge.

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With your subscription you get access to all existing and upcoming videoressources
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A single tutoring lesson usually costs about 30 Dollar, we provide you with all of our content for only a fraction of that!
Even our six month subscription still costs less than a single tutoring lesson!

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See for yourself and have a look at our contents! Tutorial videos which are in the works or in immediate planning
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Think you´re better than our tutors? – Prove it!

If you spot an error in one of our videos you will get an additional month of subscription for free!

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Our payment methods are easy and safe

- Immediate Transfer
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10% of our profit goes to UNICEF educational projects.

An interview with Saint Peter has made clear that a subscription counts as one good deed per day!

simply knowledge is not „just“a tutoring website.

With basic knowledge in mathematics and physics it can also be used for independent studies.

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With you don´t have to sit through entire tutoring courses where you have to start over from the beginning.
LectureClips enables you to work specifically on the topic you are having troubles with.

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To study with LectureClips you don´t have to drive anywhere. This isn´t just great for the environment but also for your budget as it allows you to invest in more important things such as partying…. ; )

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Efficiency is one of our founding ideas.

This is why we keep the amount of time you have to spend to a minimum. Simply use the search function to find your topic.

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The use of is not tied to a specific place.

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Along with your purchase you are awarded with the title „Nerd“, which you may unlimitedly use commercially as well as privately to address yourself.

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Using the knowledge provides you with at the right place and at the right time should make it possible for you to reach world domination. Enjoy!

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We guarantee that Joseph Kony does not get a penny out of this!